iMPACT Wrestling Superstar 'Raj Singh'

Coach Raj was not only trained by the Legendary “Bad News Brown/Allen” but he is also a Second Generation Wrestler & The Great Gama Singh’s Son!

Coach Raj is a Current Impact! Wrestling Superstar! & Formerly One Half of the Desi Hit Squad!

Early Career (2004-2016)

Sahota received training from his father Gama Singh Sr. and debuted as early as 2003. From 2004 to 2016, as Gama Singh Jr., he wrestled solely in the Canadian promotions including Stampede Wrestling, All-Star Wrestling, Prairie Wrestling Alliance, Great North Wrestling & Power Zone Wrestling. During those years, Singh won Tag Team Championships in All-Star Wrestling & Stamped Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling (2018-Present)

On the November 1 episode of IMPACT!, Sahota debuted under the ring name Raj Singh. He debuted with his tag team partner Rohit Raju under the tag team name Desi Hit Squad. They were introduced by their manager and Singh’s father Gama Singh. In their debut match, the Desi Hit Squad defeated the team of The Beach Bums (Freddie IV & TJ Crawford). The Desi Hit Squad finished the with a match during the December 6, episode of IMPACT!, defeating the team of Damien Hyde & Manny Lemons.

The following year, the Desi Hit Squad returned for the January 3, 2019 Episode of IMPACT! in a tag match observed by Scarlett Bordeaux against the team of Fallah Bahh & KM in hopes of winning her favor. The Desi Hit Squad, however, was unsuccessful in winning the match.

During the month of January Singh wrestled his first singles match, losing to Trey Miguel. He later in the month wrestled and lost his second singles match against Fallah Bahh. During the month of February the Desi Hit Squad wrestled against teams including The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) & Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake.

Personal Life

Sahota is the son of former professional wrestler Gama Singh. He is also the cousin of wrestler Yuvraj Singh Dhesi, known professionally in the WWE as Jinder Mahal.

Championships & Accomplishments

Canada Pro Wrestling School: WFPC, Calgary