The Beast From The Middle East
The Man They Hale “Ali”

Showmanship & Intensity Coach

For all you soon to be Professional Wrestling Superstars your Showmanship, Intensity & Charisma Coach and handler is better known as The Beast From The Middle East, The Man They Hale “Ali” or the Reigning, Defending Undefeated Ultimate Wrestling Nation Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Now in the Professional Wrestling Industry for almost 20 Years and Trained by the Legendary Hart Family, “The Beast” has wrestled for the WWF and internationally with WWF Superstars like Conan, X-Poc, Bobby Lashley & Teddy Hart in Mexico City for Triple A, Toured South Africa with Impact Wrestling’s very own The Great Gamma Singh for the UWF, and Locally with legendary organizations like Stampede Wrestling, CAN-AM, Hart Legacy, WCEW & CWE with the likes of Kuragan & Davey Boy Smith.

Ali “The Beast” is best known for producing the First Ever Professional Wrestling Full Contact Prizefight in the Never Seen Before Octagon Ring with Rope where Gladiators meet in a Nation Vs Nation   “No Holds Barred” $100,000 Dollar Prizefight for the Vacant UWN Heavyweight Championship TV Series.

With the help of legends like Dan “The Beast” Severn, Champaign Gerry Morrow, The Great Gamma Singh and the late greats Bad News Allen & Razor Rick Titan, rest their souls, were able to produce The UWN Underground TV Series that aired on LBC in almost every country around the world. Also know for staring in the Arab Gladiators which is the Middle Easter version of the American Gladiators TV Series that was produced & directed in Beirut Lebanon.

Ali “The Beast” Has also worked on and acted in Hollywood & Bollywood TV Series & Feature Films such as Heartland with Amber Marshall, Dead Again in Tombstone with Danny Trejo, El-Chicano with George Lopez, The Rise & Fall of Heidi Fleiss with Jamie-Lynn Sigler, The Tom Stone Series with Tom Stone, Chicks with Sticks with Jessalyn Gilsig, The Michael Jackson Movie Searching for Neverland with Chad L. Coleman & last but not least the Bollywood Blockbuster DUS with Sanjay Dutt, Shipla & Sunil Shetty, Zayed Khan, Abhishek Bachchan & Dia Mirza just to mention a few.

Ali “The Beast” has operated Professional Wrestling Schools & Wrestling Organizations in Canada the Middle East & on First Nations Land. With many of his students now wrestling and acting internationally you cannot ask for better coach to teach you about Showmanship, Intensity & Charisma  in the ring to help you develop a character that when talent scouts with organizations like the WWE, Impact, AEW – All Elite Wrestling, ROH – Ring of Honor, MLW – Major League & the NWA National Wrestling Alliance see your debut video that we will produce and develop for you! You Midas well pack your bags for the big show because your destiny is only a short training camp away.


  •         Undefeated UWN Heavyweight Championship of the World

Training Schools

  •         First Nation Wrestling Federation Wrestling School (TsuuT’ina Nations, Calgary Alberta) 2000-2005
  •         Gladiators Wrestling Academy (Beirut, Lebanon) 2006-2015
  •         Pro Fitness Wrestling Academy (Calgary, Alberta) 2019-Present

Wrestling Federations Worked 

  • WWF Superstar 
  • Triple A Superstar
  • UWF Superstar
  • UWN Superstar (Undefeated UWN Heavyweight Champion of the World)
  • WCEW Superstar
  • RCW Superstar
  • CAN-AM Superstar
  • Stampede Wrestling Superstar
  • Hy-Brid Wrestling Coalition Superstar

Canada Pro Wrestling School: WFPC, Calgary