What The World Says About Us

As a wrestling promoter, I have used many students that have come from this training school, I will continue to do so, as the quality of talent that comes from this training school has been top notch!!

– Jay Sullivan

Learning from Ali is a breath of fresh air, he brings a new level of aggressiveness and intensity to the wrestling business that I as a fan have never seen, if you want to learn how to be aggressive with your movements and most importantly be a showman, then this is right place for you!

– Shirwa Hassan

This school has taught me how to stand out as a wrestler which will get me bookings to work for the major wrestling organizations like WWE, Impact wrestling and AEW. Many of the wrestlers and coaches there have wrestled for those major companies so obviously the school has connections that will get you places so that you can make a major name for your self within the wrestling business.

– Brenton Smith

Well in my point of view this is what we can call a Real Professional Wrestling
# Ali the beast
# Chris Knight
# Raj Singh
# Best Wrestling School

– William Heart

Good facilities with great coaches, an amazing place to learn wrestling.

– Medhi Noel

Just started my 3 month program and within the first two days I’ve been able to learn basics with wrestling, I’m stoked to see where I progress with the fantastic coaching thus far.

– Grayson Abbott

I would recommend this school to anyone. Ali is a long time friend and wrestler of Hart Legacy Wrestling and did a great job in making dreams come true for new students along with the coaches. These are top notch coaches that make sure their students are ready to get into the ring and do right as a professional wrestler. Thank you Workforce Fitness team for developing proper students in professional wrestling. You’re doing an awesome job!

– Hart Legacy Wrestling

WFPC has been an amazing opportunity for me. The coaches are amazing and help you to learn proper pro wrestling. I’m having an awesome experience and glad I joined this program!

– Joshua Emery

Great facility. Amazing coaches. Best place to learn professional wrestling in the world!

– Isaac Teller

Coaches that will literally shape you into such art that you never thought. The amount of strategies and motivation Coach Chris and Raj give you is insane along with their coaching style as a team. Both have the outstanding ability to read and recognize how you learn individually and how to work with you. They are nothing short of humble, on occasion even going overtime, taking the time out of their own day just to show you a bit more. Working with these guys is absolutely life changing. You’ll notice your most unique qualities coming out in such a short amount of time.

As if that doesn’t already feel like enough, what really sets the icing to the cake as far as support, is the promoter, Ali Farhat. The reason any of this exists. I like to call him the voice of reason. He’s the guy to go to if you have any negative thoughts you need turned around. He makes you feel so fearless that you end up laughing at your old self in the end.

The green and yellow of the rings have also helped play a silent roll into my progress. As green is the best color for focus and yellow  for confidence, being the top elements for your rise in this game.

You’re also granted free access to the weight room right next door. It doesn’t get anymore convenient than to blast yourself up before or after practice, feeling no sense of excuse as you are only a bedroom away from your dream.

I have left to visit home twice now in the half a year I have been with the coarse, and I can tell you that I am more pumped than ever for my 3rd round back, bigger and better with optimism for the light at the end of the tunnel, with the best environment and people to ask for, to such a surreal industry!

– Rost K.

Great facility and a very encouraging atmosphere.  Been familiar with the industry for a long time now and this facility is so far the best that I’ve seen. Some great trainers and always a good experience when I stop in. Looking forward to my next visit!

– Naz Kadri

This has been the best time of my….BOOM!

– catkingpepsi

Great facility. Top in western Alberta. Amazing coaches. Coach Knight will make sure you’re safe and well trained for any wrestling experience. 

– Chris Burak

It’s a great place for wrestling training, my boys (age 14 now) started training here 2 years ago, they love the place so much and the trainers have patience in knowing what their clients’ need.  My boys are on the way to the pro wrestling training here.

– David Leung

Great facilities, friendly staff and plenty of equipment and gear to get your sweat on and work out.

– Jessie Rosales

Great facility. Great coaches. Highly recommend to anyone who is interested in beginning their wrestling journey.

– London Bernard

Was a student a year ago and since then the owner and coaching staff have done everything possible to make sure my career is on the right path. Top of the line fitness facility coach, staff arguably the best in Canada and owner is understanding and flexible in your training. If you want to learn this industry Workforce is the place to be  – highly recommend you start your career here you won’t regret it.

– Travis Gibson

Been training for a little bit now, and all I can say is this an awesome wrestling school. Definitely recommend this place to anyone who’s looking at starting their pro wrestling training.

– Jordan Sangster

There are few training centers that have the ability to take ones potential to the limit, this is western Canada’s finest and professional level training studio. If you’re interested in trying your hand at pro wrestling as a career, you will not find another gym outside the WWE training camp that can compare to this facility. I am glad I call this place my home away from house and my office.

– Francis Dexter

Best pro wrestling school I could find. No one does it like them. They really teach you the trick of the trade and let u have fun with it.

– Random Mix

Great school! If you’re in the Calgary area, definitely should come here. Top school for sure.

– Moxcity

Facility is very clean. Coaches are well prepared for all age groups, very experienced and knowledgeable.

JJ Installs

Best school in Canada! Very clean, great coaches and professionally displayed!

Stacey Olszak

Love this company!! And staff is more than helpful and they treat you just like family!! Highly recommend for sure !!

Obe Khalek

Solid group of coaches who learned from some of the best in the business.

Kyle Mori

I trust these guys enormously, best gym in town.


Amazing Facility! Amazing Coaches! Amazing Atmosphere!

Khalid Farhat

My son is going to be doing their pro wrestling program in Sept, I’m excited to see the results of the 3 month program!

Pam Lovas

Great facility with great staff.

– Daniel Jerome

Such a great community. The wrestlers are so friendly.

– AC

Great school! If you’re in the Calgary area, definitely should come here. Top school for sure

– Tyler Adams

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