Please speak with our sales manager “The Beast From The Middle East” “The Man They Hale Ali” to structure your personal payment plan.

All students must be at least 14 years of age to begin training, unless parental authorization is provided.

Yes, training is available to both men and women.

Yes, all experience levels are welcome to train.

The school is located at 2015 32 Ave N.E. Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Yes, We provide Lodging for out of town students. However, spots are limited, so please mention your need in your application.

Yes, Workforce Fitness Performance Center Inc will provide International Students with Meals, Accommodations & Transportation to and from the Facility 7 Days a Week. 

Yes, we have agents to work with you to complete the visa application process.

New Camps Start on the 1st Day of Each Month

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TJ Wilson aka Tyson Kidd

Ambassador & Spokesman

Next to the WWE Performance Center, Workforce Fitness Performance Center is Absolutely the Best Professional Wrestling Training Center I have Ever Seen!”

Students must complete 3 workouts per week with our certified personal trainers outside of normal class hours and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle

Yes, we will not only have you complete a full match before the end of the 12 week training program but we will also help you create your entrance music, wrestling name, wrestling outfit and finishing move so you will be able to wrestle for any independent wrestling organization in the world.

Yes, we have contacts, old training partners and colleagues at WWE, Impact, ROH, AEW, MLW or Triple A just to mention a few, and we will contact them, send them your promo package, prepare you for and set up your debut when we feel you are ready.

Workforce Fitness Performance Center will Teach you Locker Room Etiquette, Front Bumps, Back Bumps, Bum Bumps & Side Bumps, Selling, Shooting, Working, Ring Phycology, Showmanship, Intensity, Charisma, Lockups, Chain Wrestling, Ring Entrance, Mic Work, Establishing the Baby (Good Guy), Establishing the Heel (Bad Guy), Heat, Hot Comebacks, Rest Holds, High Spots, Hope Spots, Baby Spots, Heel Spots, Turnaround Spots, False Finishes, Finishing Moves, Wrestling Terms & Expressions, Your Gimmick (Character Development) Create Your Entrance Music, Your Work Name, Your Outfit, A Full Wrestling Match & Your Promo Video & Package in order for you to start your journey into the amazing world of Professional Wrestling.

There are about 985,000 Competitive Professional Wrestlers Globally.

There are about 160,000 Professional Wrestlers competing in the United States.

There are about 825,000 Professional Wrestlers competing Internationally today.

Canada Pro Wrestling School: WFPC, Calgary