Our Fully Furnished Housing Facility Includes:

  • 1500+ Channel IPTV Box
  • Bedroom, Bed & Sheets
  • Dresser, Desk & Lamp
  • In-Suite Laundry
  • Game Console
  • Unlimited Wifi
  • Free Pay-Per-View

The WFPC is happy to inform the Guardians & Parents of our out of town and international student residents that the Housing Facility is located in the lower suite of Coach Ali The Beast’s parents’ home. Students who enter the housing facility do so with the understanding of, but not limited to, the following Do’s & Don’ts:

  1. Noise Policy: An 11pm Noise Policy is in effect at the housing facility as some students have part time jobs.
  2. Overnight Policy: Only students are permitted at the housing facility overnight.
  3. Smoking & Drinking Policy: There is absolutely no smoking or drinking allowed at the housing facility. (Zero Tolerance)
  4. Cleaning Schedule: A daily Cleaning Schedule is shared & maintained by all students both at the housing facility and performance center.
  5. Respect & Courtesy Policy: Respect & Courtesy is shown to all Roommates, Coaches, Classmates, Gym Members & Staff.
  6. Guests & Celebrities: Our guest WWE & AEW Stars, CFL & NFL Football Players & Pro Bodybuilder who share our Rings & Gym are not to be disturbed during their training times.
  7. Personal Hygiene: Students are expected to come to class showered, with fresh breath, clean training gear, and the application of cologne & deodorant is required for each and every class.   

Canada Pro Wrestling School: WFPC, Calgary