Performance Center

The Workforce Fitness Performance Center has a world class facility to help you develop physically as you learn the art of Professional Wrestling, that includes a Full Gym Membership, Housing Facility & Personal Fitness Trainer in order to Develop your Professional Wrestling Skills & Physical Body Simultaneously.

Students who successfully complete our training program will go on to work with one of sister local indy organizations performing live events until we feel you are ready to debut with one of the larger federations where we will assist you to send a 5-Minute unedited match shot from one camera to their Head of Talent Relations Department and see where this amazing journey takes you!

Camps Start On the 1st Of Every Month!

Our Fully Furnished Housing Facility Includes (Optional):

  • 1500+ Channel IPTV Box
  • Bedroom, Bed & Sheets
  • Dresser, Desk & Lamp
  • In-Suite Laundry
  • Game Console
  • Unlimited Wifi
  • Free Pay-Per-View


For our International Students we customize meals, training times & accommodations until we feel you are ready to work live shows. At that time we will provide you with the contacts you need with one of sister organizations to go touring on the road doing live shows until you are ready to debut with one of the larger organizations who we are in contact with on a regular basis developing talent for their ever growing TV tapings.

Please note: Space is limited and on a first come first serve basis as we are trying to be fair to all our students.

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Canada Pro Wrestling School: WFPC, Calgary