Amateur & Pro Wrestling Programs

A World-Renowned Training Camp with old traditions and respected legends exists today at the Workforce Fitness Performance Center. Under the guidance of Hall of Famer & Former WWF & WCW Training Center Head Coach and your new Psychology Coach the 48 Time World Champion Leo “The Legend” Burke who has trained everybody from Mark Henry to Ken Shamrock, Edge, Christian, Test, Rhino & Chris Jericho. Your Chain Wrestling Coach Bruce Hart and 52nd Man to be inducted into the Stampede Wrestling Hall of Fame, has ran the Hart Dungeon for about 30 Years and has trained Superstars such as Abdullah the Butcher, Bad New Brown, Archie Gouldie, Ben Bassarab, Brian Pillman, Chris Benoit, Davey Boy & Harry Smith, Dynamite Kid, Gorilla Monsoon, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Bret & Owen Hart, The Honky Tonk Man, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Jim & Natalya Neidhart, Junkyard Dog, Lance Storm, Roddy Piper & last but not least our very own Ambassador & Spokesman Tyson Kidd just to mention a few!

Our 1st In Ring Handler is the European Superstar Frank “Chic” Cullen who is a personal & lifelong friend of NXT’s Head Guy William Regal. Franks has coached wrestlers in Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy & Spain and comes highly recommended by William Regal, Fit Finlay, Nigel McGuinness, Keiichi Yamada aka Jushin Thunder Liger, Gangrel, Scott Hall, Arn Anderson & The Legendary Knight Family from the UK. Frank has also trained the likes of AEW Star Kip Sabian, Matt Hart, Michael Chase, WWE’s NXT Nigel McGuinness who is currently Signed to the WWE as a Color Commentator & was Chris Benoits European Style Coach before he passed away.

Our 2nd In Ring Handler is the one and only Chris “The Aussie Legend” Knight who was training by the Most Technical Wrestler on Planet Earth Lance Storm for the last 10 Years until Lance shut down Storm Academy in December of 2019. Our Showmanship & Intensity Coach is The Beast From The Middle East, The Man They Hale Ali. The Beast is the UWN Undefeated Heavyweight Champion of the World and has wrestled for the WWF, Done Main Event Pay Per Views for Triple A in Mexico with Konan, X-Pox & Bobbly Lashley, Toured South Africa with The Great Gama Singh & ran Training Centers in Canada & The Middle East where some of his students have gone on to become Big Movie Stars & International Pro Wrestlers.

Amateur Program

Amateur Wrestling is the most widespread form of sports wrestling. There are Two International Wrestling Styles performed in the Olympic Games: Freestyle & Greco-Roman. Both styles are under the supervision of United World Wrestling (UWW; formerly known as FILA, from the French Acronym for International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles). A similar style, commonly called Collegiate (also known as Scholastic or Folkstyle), is practiced in Colleges & Universities, Secondary Schools, Middle Schools & Among Younger Age Groups in the United States, Canada, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, South America & The Middle East

Pro Wrestling Program

Wrestling is one of the Oldest Combat Sports in the World. It is believed that it was a Major Sport in the Ancient Greek & Roman Empires. The sport flourished in the Middle Ages and remained popular with the masses as well as the monarchies. Over the years, wrestling has become one of the major sports of the world. Some of the Most Popular Styles of Wrestling today are Freestyle Wrestling, Greco-Roman & Professional Wrestling. Professional wrestling, also known as Pro Wrestling, is the Most Popular of them all, and is Extensively Aired on Television.

Our Classes

Pro Wrestling Classes

Mon, Wed, Fri 6-8pm & Sun 12-6pm (Men)
Tue & Thur 6-9pm & Sat 12-6pm (Women)

Amateur Wrestling Classes

Mon, Wed & Fri 5-6pm (Men)
Tue, Thu & Sat 5-6pm (Women)

Referee Classes

Mon, Wed, Fri 6-8pm & Sun 12-6pm (Men)
Tue & Thur 6-9pm & Sat 12-6pm (Women)

Things You Will Learn

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Out of the Ring

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