Our Guarantee

The Workforce Fitness Performance Center is the place you come to learn the difference between a Pro Wrestler & a Sports Entertainer! 

The Workforce Fitness Performance Center is the place you come to become who you truly are and define what you were truly meant to do! 

The Workforce Fitness Performance Center is the place where, not only New Students, but already trained, and for all intensive purposes, effective workers, come to Develop a Character that is able to Engage an Audience and Amplify that part of their Personality in order to Connect & Relate to that Audience.

The Workforce Fitness Performance Center is NOT the place you come to learn Locks, Spots & Holds, this is the place you come to turn that lock, spot or hold into an opportunity to Engage an Audience in a way that will have them Chanting Your Name! 

And finally, the WFPC is that place you come to learn how to amplify that amazing part of YOUR personality to the whole of the Pro Wrestling & Sports Entertainment World!

IN SHORT | We understand that Students like You come in a Wide Range of varying levels of Athletic Ability, and regardless of your natural athletic ability or lack thereof, the WFPC will transform you into a Sports Entertainment Performer, by teaching you the Formula for the Timing of your Actions in the Ring in Relation to When, How & How Often you Engage the Audience!

PLEASE NOTE | We DO NOT have any connection or contact with any major Wrestling Federation to fast track your careerand we DO NOT acknowledge any statement to that effect. 

DO NOT BELIEVE | Any training facility that tells you they have connections with WWE, AEW, Impact! Wrestling or the like. 

The only thing you need to reach the WWE is to; 

  1. Get trained by a Reputable Facility & Coach.
  2. Submit a 5-Minute Match to WWE’S Head of Talent Relations of your best performance, shot from Only One Camera & UNEDITED with your Name & Phone Number, Period.

At that point you will receive a phone call from the WWE’s Head of Talent Relations with one of 3 Responses to you match: 

Response #1: They like what they see, and they will invite you to perform a Dark Match at one of their events, which is great, and we will help you prepare for it.

Response #2: They like what they see, and they will invite you directly to the WWE Performance Center as a Paid Performer to get you polished up for TV, and we will continue to support & help you until you start your next journey.

Response #3: You will be told you need more training or experience, which we can easily remedy. Mind you we would not, in good conscience, advise you to send a match unless you and your coaches felt it would receive a positive response.

BE CAREFUL | Of any training facility that tells you they Own a Promotion and Guarantee you will appear in their Live Event once your training is complete, in other words they are telling you that regardless of your in-ring acting ability to make a wrestling match look like a real fight, which is basic wrestling psychology, you will be featured in a live event once your training is complete. And what you want out of a Training Facility is to be able to work for ANY Promotion once your Training is Complete.

FURTHERMORE | We DO NOT Own any Wrestling Promotionsand we DO NOT make any promise that you will appear in our live event once your training is completeand we DO NOT acknowledge any statement to that effect.

What we ARE committed to and what we DO acknowledge, is that once you successfully complete our Training Program you will have the ability to work for any Pro Wrestling or Sports Entertainment Organization Worldwide! 

This Commitment of Service comes with the mutually agreed understanding that you will, as a Punctual, Active, Participant in our programs, be Attentive, Focused and Fit For ALL Training Sessions, and in Good Conscience apply your new Skillset in your Performances as you have been Trained & Instructed.

OUR PLEDGE TO YOU | The WFPC and its Coaching Staff will provide you with the Facility, Theoretical Knowledge, Technical Skill set & In-Ring Acting Ability to make a Wrestling Match look like a Real Fight”. The Rest Is Up To YOU!

Canada Pro Wrestling School: WFPC, Calgary