11 Top Finishing Moves

In professional wrestling, most wrestlers execute a finishing move, which leads to a pin fall. These moves often signify that the attacking wrestler is going for the pin fall and the opponent may now lose the match. Some of the greatest wrestlers around the world have their own signature finishing moves. Below is a list of some of the most popular finishing moves in wrestling.

Here is the master list of finishers you need to know

  • Undertaker: The Tombstone Pile driver

    One of the most stunning moves in professional wrestling, this move is performed by The Undertaker. In this move, The Undertaker lifts his opponent on one shoulder and positions him in such a way that the opponent's legs are vertically upside and the head is near his thighs. The arms of the opponent are wrapped around Undertaker's waist. The Undertaker then bends his knees to the ground, while keeping his opponent in the same locked position, hitting the opponent's head to the ground. As the opponent lies supine on the ground, The Undertaker makes the pin by folding the opponent's arms onto his chest, pressing the arms so that the shoulders are in contact with the ground.

  • Hulk Hogan: The Leg Drop

    Hulk Hogan was one of the most popular wrestlers of his era and his finishing move was very popular among wrestling fans. In this move, known as the 'The Leg Drop', or 'The Big Leg', Hogan first made the opponent supine by landing a few kicks and blows on him. He would then run across the ropes and jump onto the opponent's throat with his leg, leading to a pin fall.

  • Hit Man: The Sharp Shooter

    Bret "Hit Man" Hart's finishing move was elegant and simple. He would twist both the legs of the opponent and hook them against his own. He would then flip the opponent into a prone position and lean back to compress his lower back. Hit Man didn't use this move for pin fall, but for gaining submission from the opponent.

  • Triple H: The Pedigree

    Triple H's Pedigree is one of the most stunning moves in professional wrestling and gets the crowd into the game. Triple H grabs the head of the hunched opponent between his legs and locks the opponent's hands behind his back. He then jumps and lands onto his knees hitting the opponent's head to the ground with full force.

  • Big Show: The Choke Slam

    Big Show grabs the opponent's throat with his hand and lifts him up in the air. He then throws the opponent down with full ferocity and proceeds to do the pin fall.

  • John Cena: The Attitude Adjustment

    John Cena lifts the opponent using his shoulders and upper back. Cena then throws the opponent onto the ground in a sideways position and proceeds to do a pin fall.

  • Rey Mysterio: The 619

    This finishing move is named after the local area code in Mysterio's hometown. In this move, the opponent is set against the ropes and is facing out of the ring. Rey Mysterio comes running in after gaining momentum off the opposite ropes and slides through the second and the third rope to kick the opponent in the face. He follows it up by climbing onto of the rope and jumping chest-first onto his opponent.

  • Brock Lesner: The F5

    Brock Lesner was known for his brute power and his finishing move was a proof of that. In this move, Brock Lesner lifts the opponent onto his shoulders using his right arm. With the opponent firmly gripped on his shoulders, Lesner grabs the opponent's farthest leg and slams him, landing him face-first on the ground.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin : The Stunner

    Stone Cold's finishing move is indeed a stunner of some sorts. Stone Cold sets up this move by bringing the opponent in a hunched position. He then grabs the head of the opponent in such a way that it is locked between his biceps and his shoulder. Once he knows that the prey is firmly gripped, he turns away and jumps hitting the opponent on his face. All this happens in a matter of a few seconds and then Stone Cold goes for the pin.

  • Goldberg: The Jackhammer

    Goldberg was a wrestler that the audience loved to watch. His finishing move, the Jackhammer was one of the most lethal moves in pro wrestling. In this move, Goldberg grips the opponent and lifts him up in such a way that the opponent's legs are vertically upwards. Goldberg then drops the wrestler onto the ground, without losing the grip on the opponent and goes for the pin.

  • The Rock: The People's Elbow

    The Rock is one of those pro wrestlers who have made a name for themselves in Hollywood. His finishing move, 'The People's Elbow' is considered one of the weakest finishing moves in pro wrestling history, but it was The Rock's sheer charisma that the crowd erupted every time he started sniffing and removing his elbow pad - a symbolic gesture that signified that The People's Elbow was to follow. The move is pretty straightforward. The Rock crisscrosses the ring, gaining momentum from the ropes, and finally stops by the supine opponent to deliver a lethal elbow onto the opponent's ribs. The move usually leads to a pin fall

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